1-Do I have to document my level of English knowledge?

  • No, you do not have to, but you must pass at least A2 level in the English proficiency exam to be held by the educational institution at the beginning of the course.

     2- Is there a discount if I pay the course price in advance? 

  • Yes, in advance payments, the course fee is 2200 euro and 2100 euro is charged.

    Those who want to pay in installments will be paid 1000 Euros in advance and           the remaining 1200 Euros will be paid in equal installments for 4 months.

     3- What does it means to get an EASA license?

  • Having an Easa license gives you the opportunity to work for the most prestigious companies in the World. It is valid for all countries and is accepted by all countries in Europe and abroad. The ICAO license you receive outside the EU is valid for countries outside the EU, but EASA accepts licensed personnel because they know that the training for EASA licenses is much higher quality in countries other than EU countries.

    4-Is there a job guarantee at the end of the course?

  • For our successful trainees at the end of the course, our organization has no job guarantee. However, we continue to cooperate with organizations that find aviation personnel in Europe and in many parts of the world (pilot Technician Hostess dispetcher etc.). In this sense, we continue our negotiations with some airlines. Our trainees make Skype video calls with these airlines and accelerate the recruitment process.
      5- You say that we will go to Bulgaria on the 13th day of the course,who will cover all   the expenses for this trip?     
  • Starting from Tirana by private buses, we will stay at the hotel we agreed in Bulgaria and Sofia. The next day we will go to Sofia airport for Fire Fighting training in the morning or at the scheduled time. And after that we will turn back to Tirana with the same bus. All expenses for this trip to Bulgaria will be covered by our organization.

    6-If İ fail ate the final exam what happend?

  • Students who fail the exam after the theoretical training will be given a second exam right after    one day. In case of failure in this exam, repeat course is compulsory according to EASA rules.

   7-What happend  if my English is not at the requested  level?

  • You will not be able to attend the course, as the course will be taught entirely in English, and you will need to have at least A2 level English.

    8-What happens if I fail practical training?

  • If you fail the practical training, you will not be entitled to a second exam as per EASA rules, we have no doubt that all our trainees will be successful in practical training.

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