Ozan Academy was established in 2017 by Bahadir Uslu. Bahadir Uslu has accumulated 33 years of aviation experience at this company and its aim is to provide the best service. His profession is an aircraft maintenance lisans technician who has made it possible to work as a maintenance director, control technician, technical representative at many firms around the world. The most important feature we know is perfection.


She has been working in our company for 1 year. She one-on one knowledge in all operations of  Ozan Academy and she has the personality to approach even the smallest problems with great sensitivity. She has a good command of English, Turkish and of course Albanian.


Serving in the IT department at Ozan Academy, he is still in training phase, he completed his high school education in Turkey, ” Anadolu High School ” he is responsible for banking and government duties.

Ozan Academy & EASA

Aviation enthusiasts may soon attend the Basic Training Courses provided by Ozan Academy, responsible for applying, evaluating and organizing this training.
The training will be delivered by Cabin Staff Crew Europe professional training staff, approved by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency). Candidates who successfully complete this training will be provided with the “Cabin Crew Attestastion” certificate, enabling them to be employed in all airline companies within the European Union and beyond. Regarding the employment of candidates with certificates, we continue to have contacts with intermediary institutions in this field.
Our goal is that through this training you will be able to practice this profession in different airlines. For more detailed knowledge and to learn about the admission criteria you can contact our contact number and email addresses.

Qualification Staff

Our team has more than 55 years of aviation experience. 

Together, in various roles within major European Airlines, 

we know what it takes to be successful cabin crew and what airlines are looking for.

Our dedicated team will ensure you can fulfil your full potential.

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