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When you examine our site and the information provided to you, you will understand how stuardess is a valuable profession and how selective we are for this profession, I want to explain the reasons one by one below.

Stuardess courses are given by some people who are not authorized by the Director General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) of that country, and the certificate you get at the end of the course is not approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of that country, and you apply to some airlines for work because you have a certificate, but the certificate that you have received is not accepted by the airline. No provision is accepted. So your course must be approved by Civil Aviation Authority.

On the other hand, the certificate that you receive is accepted by all the countries of the world except the European Union countries, but the more comprehensive, more detailed, training approach that EASA countries (European Union) require for all aviation personnel has been preferred for the airlines outside the EU countries. The reason is that EASA licensed personnel have received much more serious training.

Our staff will give you more detailed information about this subject in our offices.

At the end of this course organized by Ozan Academy, our successful students will have the certificate and EASA Cabin staff LICENSE issued by the training institution, currently there are no other institution that provides hostess course in 5 balkan countries, our aim is to be the only one in every sense in our business. It will be our pride for you to work in quality airlines.

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What is EASA?

The European Aviation Safety Agency falls under the authority of the European Union and was created on July 15th, 2002.

EASA, a safety agency for civil aviation in Europe, is mainly responsible for standardization of rules, monitoring, implementation of new rules, certification, and human resources related to aviation in Europe.

Candidates who obtain an EASA Cabin Crew Attestation, can perform as cabin crew not only in countries of European Union but also Worldwide. You don’t need to be a citizen of EU countries in order to obtain an attestation. So far, everyone is given the opportunity to attend and complete the course in order to perform a profession with the highest standards in civil aviation.

Why this training is so important ?

Your dream job is one step away from you!


Regardless of the type of profession you are pursuing in aviation, you need to receive specific training. This training must be acceptable and approved by the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority. At the completion of this training you will receive a certificate and EASA Cabin Crew license indicating that you successfully completed necessary modules.


While training is necessary it is important to ensure that  the training institution as much as the instructor providing the course is recognized and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The admission criteria are:

  • • Female height: Minimum 160-180 cm;
  • • Male height: Minimum 170-190 cm;
  • • Weight must be proportional to height;
  • • English level: Minimum ICAO Level 4; ( Level A2)
  • • Have no previous criminal record;
  • • Have no piercings and tattoos in visible places;
  • • Be in good health and physically fit;
  • • Be able to swim a minimum of 25 meters unaided;
  • • Must hold a valid passport at the start of the training course;
  • • Must be at least 18 years old at the start of the training course;
  • • If you fulfill the criteria above you are ready to join our course.

Why being a flight attendant Is the best job in the world?!

Some of reasons why being a flight attendant is the best job in the world:


Every working day is different. 😀

You can plan your own schedule. 🤔

“Never have to worry about what to wear?” 😏

You can visit family and friends abroad. 😁

You will get to see the world from above. 😎

You will have time for a special hobby. 🧐

You will get to know interesting new people. 😍


And more, more, more….✈️✈️✈️

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Your dream job is one step away from you!

1. Attends the meeting before the departure of the aircraft and reads the instruction,
2. Controls the cleanliness of the interior of the aircraft,
3. Controls the rear right and left security measures,
4. Receives the catering materials to be given to the passengers,
5. Passengers on the plane, hand luggage, overcoat, etc. helps to put the goods in overhead cabinets,
6. Patients, elderly, children etc. who need special assistance. deals with passengers,
7. Counts passengers and checks whether they fasten their seat belts during take-off,
8. Informs passengers about weather, flight conditions and behaviors that should and should not be done in case of danger,
9. Serves drinks and food,
10. Makes the landing preparations and provides safe landing of passengers.

Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training

Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training


The ‘Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training’ is a qualification that you receive on successful completion of your initial training course.


If you wish to operate as Cabin Crew in Commercial Air Transport within a European Member State, you must hold a valid EASA approved Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). It is a certificate of professional competency and permits you to carry out the duties of Cabin Crew on European Community registered aircrafts and also around the world.

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Your dream job is one step away from you!

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